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Changing, Learning, Growing

Our curriculum, Changing, Learning, Growing (CLG), was created by the WECP staff. First written over 10 years ago, it is continuously being revised to reflect current practices in WECP. Although similar to other published early childhood curriculum, CLG reflects the underlying beliefs and objectives for learning found in our program. In general, CLG outlines five developmental areas–Social/Play, Personal, Language & Communication, Cognition & Problem Solving, and Physical‐Motor. Within each of these domains, we have included developmental and learning objectives that are appropriate for the period of time between ages one through five. Rather than focus on developmental milestones that occur at expected ages, we focus on the sequence of skills and provide many opportunities for children to move through each of the developmental areas. These opportunities, all play‐based, are planned by the teachers and provided in large group, small group and individual activities. In essence, our curriculum takes place in the small interactions that occur among children themselves, and between children and teachers.

Each classroom is made up of several learning areas: Dramatic (pretend) play, Construction (blocks and props), Quiet activities (puzzles, books and small manipulative toys), Science & Math, Literacy (writing) and Art. Teachers plan a predictable sequence of routines that is communicated to the children verbally (e.g., in Circle Time) and visually (picture/word schedules). These routines include:

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