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H. Hill Goldsmith

Hill Goldsmith currently holds two distinguished professorships at the University of Wisconsin. He has published more than 135 professional articles and chapters and has a long history of grant support from the National Institutes of Health and other organizations. He came to Wisconsin in 1992 with his wife, Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher, a Vilas Research Professor. Dr. Goldsmith participates in developmental and clinical graduate training programs in the Department of Psychology, and he is the Coordinator of the Social and Affective Processes Group at the Waisman Center.

Dr. Goldsmith's research concerns children's emotional development, behavioral challenges, and the autism spectrum. The research incorporates perspectives of psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and developmental epidemiology. He is recognized as a leading theorist of human temperament and a key empirical contributor to the fields of developmental behavioral genetics and childhood psychopathology. Dr. Goldsmith is currently Principal Investigator on six external grants, an investigator in three Centers, and a faculty member on three training grants. Dr. Goldsmith's highly collaborative research involves many UW faculty and colleagues at other institutions.

Dr. Goldsmith has received numerous honors and awards, including a Research Career Development Award from NICHD and a MERIT award from NIMH. He was elected Fellow of AAAS and has served in several advisory roles at NIH. At UW-Madison, Dr. Goldsmith has held various leadership positions, including chair of the Department of Psychology; he teaches at all levels of the curriculum and trains some 50 undergraduates in his laboratories each year.


Dr. Goldsmith's Abbreviated CV

Dr. Goldsmith's Full CV (pdf)

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