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Lab-TAB (Laboratory Temperament Assessment Battery)


Our goal in developing Lab-TAB is to make available a standardized instrument for laboratory assessment of early temperament.  Lab-TAB comprises a set of 3-5 minute episodes that simulate everyday situations in which one can reliably observe individual differences in the expression of emotion, in approach/avoidance and other instrumental behavior, in activity level, and in regulatory aspects of behavior (or temperament).  With the availability of Lab-TAB, it will no longer be necessary to develop laboratory measures of temperament anew for every study.  Appropriate standardization data on large samples will allow assignment of more accurate scores rather than relying on standardization in individual samples.  Lab-TAB will also facilitate comparison of results across studies from different laboratories.


Currently, we have four versions of the Laboratory Temperament Assessment Battery: two infant versions, one for children who have started to crawl (locomotor) and one for those who have not (prelocomotor), a version for preschoolers, and a version for children in middle childhood.  Click below to learn more about each of the manuals, including descriptions of episodes and modifications.

The links, below, give brief descriptions of various episodes, under the subheadings of the target emotions.  The manuals include details pertinent to administration as well as behavioral coding.  The manuals for the prelocomotor and the locomotor versions can be downloaded readily from the website.  Because the preschool version is relatively more recent and undergoing more modifications, the manual cannot be readily downloaded from the website but can be requested via e-mail.

Prelocomotor/ Locomotor / Preschool / Middle Childhood

Lab-TAB Frequently Asked Questions

Researchers seeking information or copies of Dr. Goldsmith's measures will soon be able to download information here. Until this area of the website is complete, please contact us to obtain copies of the measures.


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