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Several lines of research currently utilize data from the Wisconsin Twin Panel. The Twin Autism Project (TAP) focuses on the autism spectrum. This project examines several behavioral features of autism, as well as identical and fraternal twin similarity. In collaboration with Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher and others, TAP is a partnership between the Wisconsin Twin Project (WTP) and the University of Wisconsin Research on Autism (UWRA).

Wisconsin Twin Project (WTP) is a study of young children at risk for (1) internalizing problems such as anxiety, social withdrawal, and depression; (2) externalizing problems, such as oppositional and conduct problems, and disinhibition; and (3) attentional problems, particularly attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The project approaches behavioral disorders with the conceptual and empirical tools of developmental psychobiology in addition to the more typical clinical orientation. WTP is a co-directed by Dr. Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant.

The fine-grained, longitudinal Genetics of Emotional Ontogeny (GEO) project addresses the nature, sources, and functional consequences of emotional individuality from birth to age 3 years. Another project has extended work with these infant twins to a new sample of 6-9 year-old twins, with the inclusion of measures to provide a comprehensive assessment of physiology related to affective reactivity, and particularly to anxiety.

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