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Dr. Rebecca J. Brooker
Postdoctoral Fellow


NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


NIMH Predoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University


Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University


Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Missouri – Columbia

Selected Publications

Brooker, R.J., Berenbaum, S.A., Bricker, J., Corley, R.P., & Wadsworth, S.A. (In Press). Pubertal timing as a potential mediator of adoption effects on problem behaviors. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 22(4).

Brooker, R.J., Buss, K.A., & Dennis, T.A. (2011). Error-monitoring brain activity is associated with affective behaviors in young children. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 1, 141-152. PMCID: PMC3092557.

Brooker, R.J., Neiderhiser, J.M., Kiel, E.J., Leve, L.D., Shaw, D.S., & Reiss, D. (2011). Attention control moderates associations between infants’ risk for anxiety and social inhibition. Infancy, 16, 490-507. PMCID: PMC3158002.

Buss, K.A., Dennis, T.A., Brooker, R.J., & Sippel, L.M. (2011).  An ERP study of conflict monitoring in 4- to 8-year-old children: Associations with temperament. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 1, 131-140.PMCID: 3111917.

Brooker, R.J., & Buss, K.A. (2010). Dynamic measures of RSA predict distress and regulation in toddlers. Developmental Psychobiology, 52, 372-382. PMCID: PMC2858777.

Buss, K.A., Brooker, R.J., & Leuty, M. (2008). Girls most of the time, boys some of the time: Gender differences in toddlers’ use of maternal proximity and comfort seeking. Infancy, 13, 1-29.

Invited Revisions

Brooker, R.J., Buss, K.A., Lemery, K., Aksan, N., Davidson, R.J., & Goldsmith, H.H. (Invited Revision). The development of stranger fear in infancy and toddlerhood: Normative development, individual differences, antecedents, and outcomes. Developmental Science.

Brooker, R.J., Neiderhiser, J.M., Ganiban, J.M., Leve, L.D., Shaw, D.S., & Reiss, D. (Invited Revision). Birth and adoptive parent anxiety symptoms moderate the link between infant attention control and internalizing problems in toddlerhood. Development & Psychopathology.

Buss, K.A., Davis, E.L., Kiel, E.J., Brooker, R.J., Beekman, C.R., & Early, M.C. (Invited Revision). Dysregulated fear predicts social wariness and social anxiety symptoms during kindergarten. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Manuscripts Under Initial Review

Brooker, R.J., & Buss, K.A. (Under Review). Toddler fearfulness is linked to individual differences in error-related negativity during preschool.

Brooker, R.J., & Buss, K.A. (Under Review). Harsh parenting moderates the association between fearfulness in toddlerhood and ERN in preschool.

Schmidt, N.L., Van Hulle, C., Brooker, R.J., Meyer, L.R., Lemery-Chalfant, K., & Goldsmith, H.H. (Under Review). Wisconsin twin research: Early development, childhood psychopathlogy, autism, and sensory over-responsivity.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Brooker, R.J., Buss, K.A., Lemery, K., Aksan, N., Davidson, R.J., & Goldsmith, H.H. (In Prep). Associations between infant anger and toddler behavior problems are moderated by developmental trajectories and familial life stress.

Brooker, R.J., Kiel, E.J., & Buss, K.A. (In Prep). Evidence for a distinction between the development of social and object fear during early childhood.

Brooker, R.J., Neiderhiser, J.M., Leve, L.D., Shaw, D.S., & Reiss, D. (In Prep). Temperamental negative affect in infancy evokes increases in parent anxiety symptoms over time.

Brooker, R.J., Davey, K.M., Marceau, K., Leve, L.D., Ganiban, J.M., Reiss, D., & Neiderhiser, J.M. (In Prep). Genetic risk and sensitive parenting interact to predict behavioral inhibition.

Goldsmith, H.H., Brooker, R.J., & Meyer, L. (In Prep). The co-development of language and emotion during infancy. Invited commentary for Infant and Behavioral Development.

Book Chapters

Goldsmith, H.H., Gagne, J.R., & Brooker, R.J. (In Prep). Assessment and Genetics of Temperament. Invited chapter in R. DelCarmen-Wiggins and A.S. Carter (Eds.), Handbook of Infant, Toddler, Preschool Assessment of Mental Health. Boston: Oxford University Press.

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