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Wisconin Twin Project LogoChallenges and Adaptations (WTP) - Preschool Study

Preschoolers ReadingWithin the Wisconsin Twin Project's research on challenges and adaptation, families with children between the ages of four and five are interviewed for the preschool assessment. All families with twins born in Wisconsin were invited to participate in this portion of the study. Currently the project is in the data analysis phase. No families are being recruited at this time.

The purpose of the preschool study is to learn more about early twin similarities and differences in social communication, health and behavior in a variety of everyday situations. Parents are asked to complete a phone interview . Parents should refer to the letter of informed consent for complete details concerning research participation. A brief summary of participation is provided below.

Telephone Interview

The twins' primary caregiver is interviewed by telephone. The interview includes questions about the twins' physical similarities, social communication, health and behavior; with questions like, "Can you have a to and fro 'conversation'?" and "Has Twin A's facial expression usually seemed appropirate to the particular situation, as far as you could tell?" We also ask about basic family information, such as how many siblings the twins have and parents' occupation.


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