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Wisconin Twin Project LogoChallenges and adaptations (WTP) - Adolescent Study 

twinsWithin the Wisconsin Twin Project's research on challenges and adaptation, families with children between the ages of twelve and seventeen are interviewed for the adolescent assessment. The purpose of the adolescent assessment is to learn more about twin similarities and differences associated with emotional and behavioral adaptation and challenges during the teen years. A wide range of approaches are used to learn about twins and their families, including telephone interviews, mailed questionnaires, and sometimes a home visit. Parents should refer to the most current letter of informed consent for complete details concerning research participation. A brief summary is provided below.

Currently the project is in the data analysis phase. No families are being recruited at this time.

Telephone Interviews

Some families are asked to participate by completing telephone interviews and mailed questionnaires; other families are invited to a more comprehensive interview that includes a home visit.

Parents participating in home visits or other extensive follow-ups are interviewed about (1) child behavior in everyday situations; (2) their child's typical emotional reactions; (3) parenting experiences; (4) general levels of family emotional expressiveness, and (5) parents' own feelings. Some questions consider twins' behavior more broadly, with questions such as, "Shy with other kids."

Twins are interviewed about their (1) life events, (2) emotions, (3) personality (4) peer and family relationships, and (5) behaviors, including questions like, "I have a hard time finishing things on time."

Mailed Questionnaire

Parents will also be invited to complete a packet of questionnaires about child temperament, with questions such as "Is slow to warm up to others." We also ask about parent personality and life events.

Home Visit

The most extensive portion of the adolescent assessment is a visit to the family's home during which the twins complete a variety of short puzzles, memory tasks and questionnaires. We also use this time to conduct a final interview with the twins' primary caregiver.

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