Downloading and Installing PEPPER Font on Macintosh

PEPPER Font does work on Macintoshes. For OS X, copy the four *.ttf files (pep.ttf, pep2.ttf, pepb.ttf and pep2b.ttf) to the Mac Font Library. Unfortunately, if you run into trouble installing the PEPPER Font on a Macintosh we do not have Macintosh systems available with which to help troubleshoot. The following information was provided by a Mac PEPPER font user, and may be helpful for Macintosh installation: First, download the TTF files to your computer. Then open what is called the Font Book, go to the Edit tab, and click on Add Fonts in the dropdown menu. A window will open asking you to choose a file; add the files from where they are on your computer and click OK. They should then appear in the list of fonts in the Font Book. If afterward they do not immediately show up in the font list in Microsoft Word, you may need to close down everything and restart the computer for it to display in Microsoft Word.