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A primary purpose of our research is to advance the knowledge base about the disabilities that we study. To date, we have published the results of our research in numerous scientific journals and have made presentations at professional and scientific conferences. We feel it is of great importance to take advantage of every opportunity to educate and inform the scientific community and the public about what we learn from the families who participate in our research. In addition to the publications, book chapters, and conference presentations, we have generated family reports which have been widely distributed to parent groups, agencies, legislators, and educators across the United States.

We are also committed to being action-oriented with the results of this study. The Principal Investigators and staff of the Lifespan Family Research Lab speak about our research at professional conferences and other national, state, and local policy meetings. Our ability to bring important issues and family concerns to these different forums is a credit to all of the families who participate in our research studies. Our scientific, professional, and advocacy activities are based on the knowledge we gain from all that they share, and we are so appreciative of all they do for our research.

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