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January 9, 2015

Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

The Child Emotion Research Lab provides excellent opportunities for students considering careers in social neuroscience, child clinical, adult clinical, developmental, and school psychology; and for those considering medical training with an interest in child health and development.

Undergraduates interested in joining the Child Emotion Research Lab may apply by downloading and completing the form below (multiple formats are available). Coursework in Abnormal Psychology, Child Development and/or Behavioral Neuroscience is recommended. Undergraduate education is a major part of our lab's research mission and many UW undergraduates have been collaborators in our studies.

We require a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. You must also be available during after- school and weekend hours, times when most children are available to participate in research.

Students interested in conducting a senior honors thesis in the lab must have completed at least one semester of work in the lab prior to undertaking their thesis. We are extremely proud of the accolades collected by many of our undergraduate collaborators (click here for a list).

Please email us at ChildEmotion@waisman.wisc.edu with any questions.


Undergraduate Student Application


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