Teaching & Education
January 9, 2015

Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching

Graduate Courses

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Mental Health
Seminar examining the influences of culture on psychological disorders, with a focus on the ways in which culture influences expression of distress in bodily form and the way individuals interpret and experience psychological symptoms.
Developmental Psychology
Neuroscience-based interdisciplinary seminar on the processes and mechanisms of change, with a focus on the ontogenesis of psychopathology.
Experimental Psychopathology II: Child Psychopathology
Required seminar for clinical psychology graduate students covering the assessment, etiology, and treatment of childhood behavioral disorders.
Psychometric Methods
Required course for clinical psychology graduate students covering psychological and neuropsychological assessment/testing of adults and children.
Practicum in Psychological Assessment
Provides supervised clinical experiences for students learning to administer, score, and interpret psychological tests.
Proseminar in Developmental Psychology
Required seminar for developmental psychology graduate students covering
current research topics in child development.

Undergraduate Courses:

Honors Seminar in Psychology
Informal weekly seminar providing overview and discussion of psychology research for sophomore students recently admitted to the honors program.
Senior Honors Thesis
Provides discussion and general oversight for senior students completing undergraduate honors theses in psychology.
Abnormal Psychology
Large lecture survey course on mental illness/abnormal behavior.
Honors Seminar in Abnormal Psychology
Small seminar for honors students covering empirical research on mental illness.
Atypical Emotional Development
Seminar and associated laboratory research on emotional development among children at risk for behavioral disorders.
Nature and Nurture in Child Development
A freshman honors seminar examining philosophical and biological issues pertaining to the developmental origins of complex human behaviors.