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January 9, 2015

Wisconsin International Adoption Project


The Wisconsin International Adoption Project began when a group of parents contacted the University of Wisconsin and asked if experts in child development could devote some research attention to their internationally adopted children. Recognizing how little was currently known about the successes and needs of thousands of internationally adopted children, our team was inspired to design studies that specifically address questions raised by parents in the community. The project is now known as the Wisconsin International Adoption Project.

Goals, Area of Study, and Implications

General areas of study include emotion regulation, school readiness, social/peer development, health and stress, language learning, and cognitive development. More specifically this project works to explore the neurobiological bases of problems in attention/executive functions, sensory integration, and emotion/stress regulation. We hope these studies will provide a relatively comprehensive picture of the successes, challenges, and needs of children who spend some early part of their lives in institutional, orphanage, or foster care settings. We will use the results from our studies to better inform our community, and to aid families, agencies, schools, and health care providers who work with these children.

Participant Registry

The WIAP participant registry is a list of families who are interested in being contacted about research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. WIAP researchers will contact you to describe new studies when your child is the right age for a study. You will be given an opportunity to participate in studies that are of interest to your family, but you are not committed to any particular study. Even if you agree to participate in a study, you and your child will have the right to withdraw at any time. The Registry is confidential and maintained by lab staff. Information will never be given to anyone who is not directly affiliated with the Project. You may request further information about our project by contacting our community outreach coordinator through email at or by calling (608) 890-2525.



Wisconsin International Adoption Project Newsletter

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Winter 2006 Newsletter


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