University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Waisman Resource Center

Waisman Resource Center

The Waisman Resource Center was created to serve as a bridge to link faculty, staff and community partners with members of the public who are seeking information about developmental disabilities and the range of community services and supports available. 800-532-3321 or


  • Provide free and confidential information and assistance

  • Assist research investigators and program directors to share project information

  • Respond to requests for training

  • Promote greater awareness of the Waisman Center

  • Serve as a university-based training and demonstration site

  • Identify resources and supports for families

  • Problem-solve with families based on their questions

  • Provide consultation about health insurance and coverage


Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs

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Assistance to
Waisman Staff and Faculty

  • Highlight and encourage participation in current research

  • Provide resources to share with families

  • Offer opportunities for trainees

  • Provide training to faculty and staff about disability-related community resources

  • Facilitate dissemination of information that corresponds to the work of Waisman Center investigators and staff.

Located on the first floor of the Waisman Center, the Waisman Resource Center (WRC) provides free and confidential information and assistance in identifying and accessing resources for children, youth and adults with disabilities and/or special health care needs, their families and the professionals within their community. Families visiting the Waisman Resource Center can learn more about services, resources, organizations and information specific to their questions and concerns.

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